Kid Lit College and Kid Lit Live stand committed to serving diversity efforts in the publishing industry while honoring and respecting industry professionals and the knowledge they bring to writers and illustrators to help to shorten the path to publishing. At Kid Lit College we pay it forward for every event we host as well as every reuse or replay because academic integrity matters. Any and all art on our KidLit College site is royalty free, purchased for use, or hired with fees paid to illustrators or creatives. Any and all materials posted for FREE on this site has been gifted by the original presenter with their permissions. We will continue this practice, moving forward, with the goal to bring back the #BOOKBOMB giveaway, a #BLACKLIVESMATTERS scholarships, and FREE event passes.

As a Pre-K teacher to Collegiate Grad Professor to KidLit Industry Professional, the one thing I've loved about learning togetherness is that great ideas and great enervated creativity lead to unbelievable products and results, and It's my goal to bring research-based, edutainment learning to you as writers and illustrator, so that you may engage the page and fill it with story. Whether you write for the teeny, pre-teen, teen, college-set, I'm here to help support professional authors and illustrators at every stage of your careers. Our job is to make the books that will help every child become a better writer, reader and lover of literacy learning. If you have ideas on how you might contribute, reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

- Jo Sadler, Educator, Speaker, Lit Lover